The Delusion of Wealth

The Delusion of Wealth

Most wealthy Americans did not earn their wealth. They inherited it.  Most who gathered great sums of money did so by cheating, slurping at the public trough, or profiting from war. Few wealthy American business owners start their businesses, pay good wages, and succeed without cutting corners and quasi-illegal practices. The vast majority of American wealth does not come from making anything. Most wealth accumulates from existing money making more money. The vast majority of wealthy people pay little or nothing back to the American people and the nation that made their wealth possible. A great deal of the income for wealth comes from America’s natural resources, the labor of American workers, and the availability of America’s infrastructure. Most wealthy people justify their wealth on the basis that if they are wealthy it is because God favors them. Conservatism is a delusion the wealthy follow to keep from sharing their ill-gotten wealth with others.  Conservatives wave the carrot of wealth over our heads as if we are donkeys knowing it will persuade us work harder. Most people who think they are on their way to riches end up losing what they’ve earned back to the wealthy through bad investments. Attaining wealth by hard work is the biggest illusion. To rephrase the “good book,” it is more difficult for a man who works hard to become rich than for a rich man to reach heaven through the eye of a needle. People who attain great wealth on their own are true freaks of society. An individual is more likely to be struck by lightening twice than to grow a business into great wealth. In reality people who work hard simply die sooner for their effort. The facts are that hard work makes wealth for those who benefit from your hard work. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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