“It’s the Republican Bad Economy, Stupid.”

“It’s the Republican Bad Economy, Stupid.”

Paraphrasing former President Clinton, today’s bad economy is the Republican Bad Economy. Republicans got us in this economic hole spending eight trillion dollars and conducting two wars on credit, while giving the rich a colossal tax break. Republicans dug the hole deeper by creating derivatives, selling them as hedges, and profiting on fees from unsecured mortgages while the housing bubble was crashing around them. Republicans took the rules off banking, bailed out banks for corruption, and later took donations from the same banks to blame Obama for Bush’s failures. Republicans want the economy to fail. Republicans need the economy to fail. Deep down Republicans believe failure is the only way to political power. Republicans have voted no to everything that might fix the economy. Republicans have voted to default on our national debt. Republicans have broken their Constitutional oaths signing pledges vowing national failure before political compromise. Republicans caused the bad economy. Republicans are keeping the economy bad. And Republicans will continue to allow the economy to fail. Republicans do not care about economic failure. Republicans do not care about jobs. Economic failure hurts only the middle and lower classes. Republicans would prefer workers hurt until they learn to keep their place. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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