Next 9/11 to come from God

Next 9/11 to come from God

According to Michelle  Bachmann, God is talking to congress via the weather.  Storms, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes are God complaining that Washington is not paying enough attention to the tea party, therefore, storm victims should suffer. Republicans of faith have denied emergency funding. A lot of Republicans believe God talks to them. Isn’t if funny how God seems only to talk to weirdos? What if God really is telling us that human abuse is the really causing Earth to become intolerantly warmer? Remember the last time God got angry at humans? So what? Says Michelle. So, there are terrible storms, in new locations, at odd times of the year. That’s the weather, always changing. The world’s leading scientists explain how the weather might spin out of control, but Michelle claims its all lies and “they” are just trying to frighten us. So what happens if God really gets pissed and changes the climate permanently? Wow! The ice melts. The oceans reverse course. Water covers Minnesota. Whirlwind storms erupt in titanic proportions. Poof! Humans are gone. Just like the Dinosaurs and they lasted a hundred and fifty million years compared to what? 6KBC? But what do Michelle and the faithful care. They think believing gets them a free ticket to afterlife. On the other hand, perhaps, no one is really trying to frighten anyone. Maybe, climatologists are just asking for a little consideration? How hard is it to act like a responsible human being.  It’s your choice, but remember, “the next 9/11 could come from God.”Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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