ObamaCare Killers

October 11, 2011

The ObamaCare Killers

Some people don’t like reform. They were brought up to make do, get by, or do without. When it comes to a helping hand they draw the line at the local level. To those of a parochial mind, ObamaCare represents everything wrong with America. It is government of all-the-people destroying their me-first way of life. They want to claim that reform is being jammed down their throats. Deep down inside they profess that they have an inalienable right to starve, stay sick or die. It is their business not the government’s. ObamaCare is a good name for healthcare reform. Those who don’t like change are not thinking about anybody else but themselves. You can rage silently at the their refusal to reform. It defies self-interest, but when such reform comes from without, they refuse to compromise. The Manufacturers Association, the Chamber of Commerce and other regressive obstructionists have voted against national healthcare for the past hundred years. Even though ObamaCare includes many Republican proposals, because it coming from the Democrats, Republicans reject it. Never in the history of any country have public programs had greater successes than Medicare and Social Security, but one only has to gaze at the hate emblazoned on tea party protest signs to understand how deep is the will not to deal with outsiders. What worries me most is how far regressives are willing to go to protect their cultural prerogatives.  The last time 600,000 Americans were killed in a civil war. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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