Middle Class Warfare

October 4, 2011

Time for Middle Class Warfare

Social Security, Medicare, and Retirement Funds are not special entitlements; they are the lousy crumbs from the great pie of American gross national product grudging swept off the table to the American middle class in return for giving their lives to their work. While corporate royalty steals trillions of worker/consumer created dollars, 10 million Americans are unemployed, 20 million are forced into low paying jobs and 15 million dwell in poverty. While corporations pay fewer taxes than store clerks, 40 million Americans have no health insurance. While corporations withhold trillions from investment, the American middle class is barely hanging on, exhausting its savings, cutting back on basics and doing without. While corporations rake in record profits, the middle class has lost all the meager gains inched out over the past thirty years. Worker/Consumers create 70% of the wealth of America. What do they get? Mortgage fraud and the Great Recession!  400 wealthy families now control more wealth than half the rest of the American population.  Over the past decade the average American family’s standard of living has dropped each and every year, while the rich have continued to rise. It is time to fight for the middle class. It’s time to end the enforced brutal inequality imposed by wealth.  Three out of four Americans want to raise taxes on the richest of the rich. This may be your last chance to save your future. Instead of denying there is class war, use your voice and your vote to show what you are made of.  Now is the time for Middle Class Warfare. Which side are you on? Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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