Give me a break

September 15, 2011

Give yourself an even break

Consumers will continue to lose if we let the GOP pander to banks. Republicans wanted the financial industry go bankrupt–with your life savings, but are now the banker’s dearest friends at the public trough. Republicans are demanding no regulations for the banking industry. Instead of reforming the banks that brought on the Great Recession, Republicans are demanding a policy of all bark and no bite. Banks have repeatedly scammed the public with criminal lending practices selling home loans impossible to repay and fabricating documents of foreclosure. Existing regulators deal with bank stability not consumer protection. The proposed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau combines dozens of former top-heavy, non-communicating, existing agencies into one simplified, responsible, and accountable firm.  Republican Senators, however, want to give bankers a permanent free pass to get out of jail. Forty-four Republicans Senators, banding together in lock-step with the Republican “House of No,” once again, are opposing reform. “We don’t need no stinking badges,” say the Republicans. “Freedom is buyer beware.” Credit cards, mortgages, and payday loans have American families in a financial mess, but to Republicans, “Liberty” is a license to screw the gullible, the inept and the lazy. To get an even break, we must use our votes to show these fat cats government of the people and by the people is for the people. Demand financial protection from criminal business practices.  Vote against Republicans before the bankers steal you blind. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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