the cost of government

September 27, 2011

Why the high cost of government?

Elections to public office cost tens of millions of dollars. Companies fund candidates who create laws that facilitate their interests or halt laws that hinder them. Corporations buy elections; costs are passed on to the American public…for unneeded services…at inflated prices.  If elections were limited to small government funds, elections would be more honest and tremendously less expensive. Reform, however, is impossible for people who don’t like change. Corruption is deep and difficult to eradicate. Those who profit from elections are constantly spending profits to make people believe that things are good and that change is bad. Most citizens are too lazy, self-centered and indifferent to reform. You would think that the money they would save would convince them of the value of reform. But because wealth trumps virtue, material things are more important than ethical behavior. The cost of government is high because we don’t reform it, and we have only ourselves to blame. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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