September 8, 2011

Hypocrisy a fact of Democracy

Hypocrisy is not a derogatory word when it comes to politics.  People complain that politicians don’t keep their word, but politicians make promises to many constituents with differing interests, some directly opposed.  Hypocrisy is actually a self-discipline that requires the extraordinary ability to accommodate a large number of people through compromise. Compromise in fact, is how politicians represent hundreds of thousands who have different ideas of what life is all about?  It is a fact of Democracy; politicians have to dissemble and tell people what they want to hear. To represent all of the people all of the time, elected representatives must act like hypocrites. They cannot always keep their word and must deal with other politicians who have the exactly the same problems. Our founding forefathers created the Constitution based on compromise. “E pluribus unum,” Out of many, one!  Some founders believed in God but compromised to allow all religions equal freedom. Some founders wanted a strong central government but compromised to allow some states rights. Some founders wanted a slave economy and would not compromise. Not until hundreds of thousands of Americans died in a civil war.  Special interests that make politicians pledge not to compromise are acting against the founders. Principles are only guidelines, not goal posts. When it comes to politics the line between principles and integrity is blurred by pragmatic concerns. You want this, but I want that, so we compromise or nothing gets done. Americans have always been very pragmatic. Now if that looks like hypocrisy to you well it is and that’s life. Like your mother told you, you can’t have your way in everything. Learn to compromise and quit acting like a crybaby. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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