Punish tax cheats

August 31, 2011

Punish tax cheats

Tax loopholes give an unfair advantage. Demanding the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes is not punishing success; it’s punishing those that cheat to succeed. Tax cheats don’t deserve wealth paid for by your taxes. This country made the rich wealthy and they no longer pay their share of taxes. Reagan reformed the tax code in 1986. Corporations were made to pay more taxes than now. But little by little over the past two decades tax cheats have drilled loopholes in the tax code. Tax cheats know that congress needs money to get elected. Tax cheats helped choose a conservative Supreme Court that declared money can buy votes. Your tax dollars are paying conservatives to reduce your standard of living. The so-called spending crisis is latest Republican tax scam.  When the economy was good, there was no spending crisis. Police were not bankrupting the nation. Teachers were not forcing America to go broke. Suddenly, when the economy went south under Bush, a frightened public looked for someone to blame. Taking advantage of fear, Republicans made spending the scapegoat. Corporations gave away billions to fund the tea party to elect Republicans to vote no on spending. If corporations paid their fare share of taxes the budget would be balanced. Warren Buffet asked the tax cheats to be reasonable, to pay their fair share, but instead tax cheats are crucifying Buffet. Meanwhile the tax cheats are laughing all the way to the bank. Tax cheats believe that anyone who pays taxes is stupid. Tax cheats are increasing your share of taxes while cutting Medicare. Wake up America. It is you who is being cheated. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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