Politics shape reality

August 11, 2011

Politics shape reality

The Supreme Court is trying to make judgments on the basis of what the founding fathers meant 200 years ago, yet our constitution is not religious dogma, but a living document that breathes by the will of the people.  A great constitution should not function as a hidebound impediment, but serve the purpose of government, which is growth and prosperity of the general population. By hiding behind the sanctity of the dead, the conservative Supreme Court fears looking realistically at the world right in front of them. This narrow-minded view is indicative of how politics shape reality. Reason is suborned by belief, logic replaced by emotion, and the decent respect given over to an intolerance of self-righteous faith. Republican politics are currently twisting the termination of the temporary Bush II tax cut into a fairy tale of increasing taxes. Twisting arguments is how politics shape reality.  We scorn acting as policeman to the world, but believe that if we don’t the world is a more dangerous place.  We fain  understanding of why Middle Easterners dislike U.S. soldiers on their streets, yet  fail to recognize that American colonists shot at British soldiers, not over taxes, but because they hated seeing the bright red-coated English “Lobsterback” soldiers parading the streets of Boston. Supposedly, we cannot afford to be nation builders in Iraq or Afghanistan, but failing to support freedom fighters is twisted to appear as turning our backs on Democracy. How can anyone call themselves Christians while turning their backs on the poor? How can anyone say they are pro life and yet hate so many people? Republicans are shaping politics into a world where employees are lazy, women can’t be trusted to take charge of their own bodies, sex is a choice, and killing a living doctor is acceptable as long as you save an unborn fetus? The more we let politics shape reality; the thing we should fear most is ourselves. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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