July 13, 2011

Privatizing Freedom

The super rich Koch brothers (fifth richest in America) have a private agenda: End your greatest freedom; the right to a free public education. The Koch Private Education System is standing by ready to set up thousands of private schools, where a family will pay $25,000 per child, per year to get an education on how to become good Koch company employees. Bush II tried to privatize Social Security in exchange for risky stock certificates. In Iraq, Bush II employed Blackwater, a half-million-man private army to do the jobs of US soldiers.  Cheney’s no-bid billion dollar government contracts made Halliburton, his former employer, into America’s largest government contractor. The Republican campaign to privatize America’s public freedoms calls for payment of social services through private corporations, using private firms to repair interstate highways, and corporatizing national health care. Private credit firms have digital files on your purchase patterns. Phone companies log your every phone call location. Internet servers have your email and purchase records. Banks hold all your financial information. Newspapers and phone companies hack into private data banks for media stories. It makes you wonder how many private firms or corporate departments exist solely to hack into your private information. Republicans plan to privatize Social Security, Medicare, Education, Military, Police and Fire, Auto Licensing, Social Services, Postal Service, Interstate Transportation, National Parkland, and every place they can make a buck by taking over your public rights and freedoms. Shareholders control the American economy and they want bigger profits by taking away all your freedoms. Private companies have no ethics, no values, no communal obligations, and no stake in your prosperity. The super rich are directing the Republican drive to privatize your public freedoms. Your only way to counter private wealth is with the public vote. If you have any doubts ask yourself, when was the last time you were allowed to vote on your pension?

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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