June 30, 2011

No secret to balancing budget

Eliminate corporate tax evasion. End corporate tax excuses. Plug corporate tax loopholes. Halt corporate welfare. Terminate corporate entitlements and government giveaways for oil exploration, drug research, and ethanol industry and farm price support.  It is time to do away with the very laws that allow corporations to act as individuals with legal rights and the wealth to sway elections. Balancing the budget is a matter of collecting unpaid trillions of dollars already owed due to:  Tax evasion, royalties, overseas military protection, and toxic clean up, not to mention billions more in revenue lost due to corporate fraud.  Instead of screwing the jobless, the disenfranchised and public servants put the real crooks in jail. The lost revenue from corporate tax abuse is ten thousand times greater than the meager tab for worker benefits. Why are we making workers pay for an economy tanked by management? Isn’t Medicare more important than CorpationCare? Isn’t Social Security more essential than corporate security? Isn’t a decent paycheck the purpose of working all your life for an employer? How can we even consider breaking the backs of average American workers, while corporations cut jobs, raise prices and boast of record-setting profits. Balancing the budget is about collecting unpaid revenue not new taxes

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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