June 23, 2011

Jacked up debt crisis.

The Republicans drove the economy over a cliff. When the Democrats tried to haul out what was left of the ’08 market crash, the Republicans refused to help. Instead, they jacked up a sudden debt crisis to draw attention away from blaming them. Urging the gullible public to forget who got caught driving drunk, Republicans want you to vote them back behind the wheel. While Ronald Reagan doubled the national debt, Republicans were silent. When the Bushes added trillions of unbudgeted debt, no Republican made a peep. Suddenly when the Republicans have recklessly placed us on the brink of a Depression, Republicans start yelling about a jacked up Debt Crisis. They are simply trying to cover over massive business fraud. “Let the market fail,” Republicans says, “let companies file bankruptcy, let stocks fall and pensions dry up.” What wealthy person gives a hoot about workers who lose jobs by the tens of millions? And yet some of you middle class voters mindlessly follow the wealthy class’s shibboleths; hard work will make you rich, free markets police themselves, and winning is the only thing. Get serious. They get the pie, you get the crumbs; they get the wealth and out of the goodness of their hearts, you get trickle down economics There is no debt crisis. There is a revenue shortfall and the quickest way to balance the budget is to close corporate loopholes; do away with Republican corporate welfare; and get rid of tax breaks for the rich. The only crisis we really have is the American worker’s growing inability to compete with wealth. Voting is the only way you have left to ensure a democracy and a voice against the power of wealth.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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