May 31, 2011

Great Depression is worse than debt.

I know of no one who remembers the Great Depression of the 1930s. As a result, many Americans are hysterical over today’s Republican jacked-up crisis of national debt. We ought to be down on our knees thankful that we can feed our families instead of electing more Republicans who got us into debt in the first place. Great Depression Republicans believed: “The man who builds a factory, builds a temple, and the man who works there, worships there.” Hoover’s government was faith-based; “Hard times requires faith in the future not foolish government aid.” Tens of millions of Americans were out work for more than a decade. America’s youth rode the rails, hungry, defeated, hopeless, driven to find any way to make a living in a useless life. Young mothers gave their bodies for 10 cents to feed starving children. Meanwhile Henry Ford pontificated, “unemployment insurance only leads to more unemployment.”  Great Depression Republicans allowed half of America to become “Unfit for Duty” by the start of WWII due to a starvation lifestyle that rotted teeth, diseased eyes, hearts, and livers, created untold physical deformities and left adults with constant nervous disorders. Depression Republicans considered federal welfare a dangerous precedent. “If Jesus were alive, said true believers, he’d be an account executive working for an advertising agency.”  While hundreds of thousands of needy men, women and children stood in line daily in front of missions, hospitals, Salvation Army, and flophouses to get a meager cup of thin, watery, flavorless soup, with no refills, Republicans demonized the dole as the work of the devil. The Great Depression Republicans of today almost did it again. If the Republicans had had their way, you and I might be out on the street. Bush II borrowed trillions for a drug program and two wars, then borrowed a trillion more to save the financial crisis caused by unregulated mortgage fraud. Thank goodness Democrats voted to keep three million Americans from losing their jobs. We will pay off the debt, thank you, but we don’t need to get hysterical. We do need to get down on our knees grateful we were able to borrow enough to keep us out of a second Great Depression.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights

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