May 24, 2011

Letters to the Editor: Is America losing its soul?

My generation grew up with a self-centered worldview. Indoctrinated by simple rhymes like, “Don’t you wish that you were me,” we saw America depicted as what the “have-nots” of the world wished for. All around me, America was working at civic responsibility, constantly improving; Women’s vote, public libraries, anti-discrimination, workplace safety, child labor laws, equal rights. An endless parade of progressive legislation despite a world that told you, “you can’t fight city hall.” Lately, being a Liberal is taking a beating. The virtue of helping your neighbors is seen as mush-minded, taxpayer largess to the lazy. The far right has become the party of hate. They hate gays, they hate a woman’s right to her body, they hate immigrants and foreigners, and they hate Islam. Instead of being all god’s children, the haters decry America as morally corrupt. Instead of working together, the haters have polarized politics, turning public-mindedness into privatization and big-heartedness into soft-headedness. To the haters, welfare is for cheaters, immigrants are flooding hospitals, and illegals are corrupting society; none of which has any basis in reality. Contempt for the traditional American value of common cause is all about wealth. Prostrated before the tower of Baal, our national soul is at stake, primed to reap the harvest of hate. Richard M. Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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