March 24, 2011 Letters to the Editor:

Wealthy value profit over people

Bank failures under Bush II were turned around by government loans of billions of tax dollars. All the bank loans have been paid back with high interest.  Banks were kept from going out of business to save your money and mine, which would have been lost along with them. Our savings, our retirement, our investments, and the millions of jobs depending on bank loans were kept from disappearing by government loans. If banks had failed we would be suffering the Great Depression for the next decade. If banks had failed you might be begging on the street like my parents did in the 1930s. Big bonuses handed out by banks were  paid with earnings, not with tax dollars. When the government tried to halt this outrageous affront to tax payer support, the wealthy threatened government interference would cost jobs. When the government tried to end special Bush II tax cuts, the wealthy claimed ending cuts was really a tax increase and again threatened the loss of jobs. Government tried to reign in Wall Street excess, but the wealthy constantly waved the threat of withholding new jobs as blackmail. Big business is awash in liquid investment funds, but where are the jobs. Bush II boasted billions in tax cuts for ten years, but where are the jobs?  The wealthy don’t want jobs, they want to increase productivity and increase profits while restricting labor. No unions, no regulations, or no new jobs. To the wealthy, Government means lost profits. In good times business keeps a low profile, but when business goes bust, they blame a bumbling government.  Government is not business it is you and I; it is part of our family.  We the people form a government for the people, of the people and by the people.  As far as the wealthy are concerned, people only exist as a means to make a profit. Richard M. Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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