March 17, 2011 Letters to the Editor:

Wealthy blame victims for economic disasters

During the good years of the past half century–the Kennedy, Johnson and Clinton Administrations–the middle class enjoyed a modest growth in its standard of living growth while the top 2% increased its income a thousand-fold. During the lean years–Nixon, Reagan, and Bush I–the middle class lost its meager gains yet upper 2% income continued to skyrocket. Under Bush II, despite unbudgeted trillion dollar expenditures for two wars, an unpaid trillion dollar Medicaid drug program, a trillion dollar housing fraud and the trillion dollar Bush II financial bailout–without one peep about the mounting debt–the rich used their wealth to institute a propaganda campaign to blame middle class for the worst economy since the Depression. Holding the middle class victims hostage to existing jobs, the wealthy have continued to get tax breaks paid for on the backs of middle class losses.  Holding the middle class hostage to the creation of new jobs, the wealthy are demanding the loss of worker rights under the demonized euphemism of entitlements. Teachers are not at fault for a bad economy.  Fire Fighters and Police did not invade the Middle East.  Janitors and Street Cleaners did not commit the housing default fraud.  But it is easier to pick on those who can’t fight back. There is nothing wrong with the vast majority of teachers, nothing wrong with unions fighting for better working conditions, nothing wrong with heath care reform to keep the corporation from fleecing the middle class. But the wealthy command the airwaves, money has turned the supreme court into activists, and wealth is being used to commit political blackmail by threatening loss of public office for those who don’t back big business.  Since Reagan, it has taken two breadwinners working full time to keep the average middle class family from impoverishment.  While billionaires feed like flies at the public trough, the wealthy set the middle classes against each other in a war over who gets to gnaw on the spare bones of trickle-down economics. The wealthy believe they are justified to crush the middle class because after all people who don’t get ahead are to blame for their own failures. Richard M. Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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