Better off today than six years ago

Better off today than six years ago:  10 million new jobs have been added since the Great Republican Recession lost 2 million in 2009; 54 months of the longest private sector growth streak in American history. Autoworkers are assembling almost 800,000 more cars and trucks in America each month than in 2009. Business is exporting $70 billion more than importing each month compared to 2009. Home building is running 50,000 more starts each month than in 2009. The retail economy has risen every year for the past five years and American consumers are spending $170 billion more each month than in 2009. Everything is not perfect. Business is not reinvesting consumer spending into creating new jobs at the same level of 2009. Instead corporations are raking in greater profits, passing profits on to wealthy investors, hiding money made in America in foreign markets, all the while paying less taxes than the average store clerk. Economic growth is reaching levels not seen since the 1990s, but business is waiting for more Republican tax breaks to top off what is now the world’s greatest corporate welfare system.  And, while things are definitely better than six years ago––not to mention better fuel economy, greener construction, and alternative energy that pays its way–– college graduates can no longer find jobs that will start them up the economic ladder of success. Instead of buying a new home and auto, today’s young families face huge student loan debts as yesterdays mortgage schemers charge outrageous rates for higher learning. “Better off now,” is the result of continued slow but steady growth. Just like in the nineteen fifties. “Better off now than six years ago” was brought to you by progressive leadership despite billions campaigned to defeat it. But government can only do so much. Business ethics have to change or stagnation is the future for everyone. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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Why are Republicans in Congress afraid to act?

Why are Republicans in Congress afraid to act?  In August, 2013, the President asked Congress to approve bombing chemical weapons in Syria. Congress did not debate the issue and did not offer any solutions, it simply did not respond. Fortunately for the world, the State Department negotiated the peaceful removal and destruction of these weapons of mass destruction. What if ISIS had gotten hold of chemical weapons. Over the past year, Republican members of Congress have repeatedly taken to the press the idea that the President should initiate military action against Syria, rising terrorism, ISIS, and Libya, while at the same time other Republicans were railing against a tyrannical presidency that waged war without Congressional consent. Why doesn’t Congress act? Why doesn’t Congress suggest warring on increased terrorism? Why doesn’t Congress wage war on ISIS? Why does Congress want the President to act on military emergency matters that are the prerogative of Congress? Republicans want war, but don’t want to be caught asking for war. Republican senators and representatives are constantly telling the President to bomb Russia, bomb Syria, and bomb ISIS, but they don’t want to be caught formally war mongering to the American public. House Speaker Boehner says he is too busy doing nothing. His job, he says, is to wind up the Monkey Clapper. Why doesn’t the Republican House have an opinion on ISIS? Why do House Republicans grumble about Obama’s weak response to Putin invading the Ukraine, but won’t take a stand themselves? Why are Republicans trying to make everyone else responsible for their own congressional shortcomings?

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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Conservatives Court Corruption

Conservatives Court Corruption                                                                                     Running for office costs money. For the past century, Congress has investigated anything (if not everything) that appears to involve corruption of campaign financing. Since Roberts, SCOTUS has ruled that corporations are people, money is speech, and money for speech is protected by the First Amendment. Roberts writes: “Congress may not regulate contributions simply to reduce the amount of money in politics…Congress can only target ‘quid pro quo’ bribery.” To a conservative court, the blatant fact that large amounts of money buys elections is irrelevant. Conservatives believe that money should allow access to legislation and that is how conservative commerce works. What you and I see as corruption, SCOTUS calls business as usual. Roberts writes: “Any other regulation of campaign financing is unconstitutional…(otherwise) Congress will have to amend the First Amendment.” Money to conservatives is for the expression of power. America, however, was founded on a revolution against accumulated wealth and power. Since then major battles have been waged against government takeover by corporate wealth under the administrations of Presidents Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt. Since Reagan, once again the public is losing the battle over wealth and power due to SCOTUS’ conservative legislative activism. Legislation that has set precedent for centuries is now out the window based on the interpretations of a loaded conservative court. The evil of wealth is not a figment of second-rate minds. Lack of success is not necessarily failure. Unregulated money is the root of all evil. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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Republicans are politicians not problems solvers.

Republicans are politicians not problems solvers.                   To Republicans, immigration reform is about getting Latinos to vote Republican not about coming up with a sound immigration policy. The IRS investigation is not about improving the service, but about destroying Obama. Bengazi is not about American lives lost, its about making Clinton less formidable. VA funding is not about improving veteran care, but about making Obama policies look like failures. 50 votes against Obamacare were not about improving healthcare, They were about keeping corporate donations pouring into Republican candidates. Impeaching Obama or suing the President are not about anything that Obama did that was unconstitutional and done by every President before, but about ginning up the base over a hot issue will bring out more base voters. Holding IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of congress was not about obtaining government-hidden information, but the politics of constantly holding hearings to appear busy raising unsubstantiated arguments that were policies established under Reagan, all the while doing nothing to pass legislation, generate new jobs, repair infrastructure, or do anything of value in congress. See how many examples you can add to how Republicans waste taxpayer’s dollars playing politics rather than finding solutions to problems. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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Profit becoming a dirty word

Profit becoming a dirty word.  A business friend snidely complained that “profit” is becoming a dirty word. Brought up to believe that increasing profit is a company’s only business, he found criticism of corporate profits threatening to his sense of values. “Why,” he was asking, “is profit being maligned?” The answer is changing cultural values. The Milton Freeman Economics of the Reagan era made shareholders into economic gods. Most shares, however, are held by the very wealthy. Mistakenly, the wealthy have of late been expressing their disdain for employees as “Romney’s 47% moochers.” More and more people want a greater sense of purpose. They find the excuse corporations use of a fiduciary responsibility as a cover up for greed. When the wealthy label the socially conscious as “do-gooders,” people recognize mushy demonizing rhetoric as repulsive to good citizenship. Before Reagan, business followed the Henry Ford declaration that, “instead of boosting dividends, he’d rather build better cars and pay better wages.” CEOs pressured since 1970s into maximizing shareholder value are yielding to those who find that social missions attract and retain talent and serve as an important selling point with consumers. It is human nature to want to be the better than others, but a lean, mean profit machine is not inherent to Capitalism. Profitable is giving way to meaningful, which perhaps describes one of the ways we are striving to overcome our baser animal nature. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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It seems like Conservatives want you to hate government

It seems like Conservatives want you to hate government:  It seems like the more the American public loses trust in government, the more Conservatives feel they benefit politically. Many citizens gripe all the time about government waste, bureaucracy, fraud, and slowness, but it seems like Conser- vatives complain about government all the time. Seldom does anyone take the time to consider the many good things we citizens have as a result government.

Without the founders new ideas of government there would be no Constitution, the most liberal of any constitution to date. Without our freedom loving Constitutional amendments there would be no freedom of religion, no freedom of the press, no freedom of opportunity for all citizens to prosper. Without government legislation there would be no public education, no women’s right to vote, no emaciation proclamation, no child labor laws, no minimum wage, no work benefits or vacation time, no civil rights, no regulations against smoking, leaded gas, acid rain, and poisonous chemical, no disease control, no police, firefighters, not even a standing army for national defense. All of these things came from government by way of voters pressing for legislation.

Business and commerce did not make America great. Consumer demand and an abundance of national resources made us the richest country in the world. Everything good we have, including our high standard of living comes through having a government that allows all its citizens to participate by voting. Business does not provide jobs. No business could exist without consumer demand. No business would start up if there were no customers. No business could operate without the consent of the citizens who own the national infrastructure, commercial rights, and make the laws. Business is a privilege of citizenship that can be revoked at any time by the public. And no business or wealthy interests can control government unless our very liberal voting laws are restricted.

Conservatives seem to feel Business and not Consumers are the reason for prosperity. Perhaps this is because Conservatives are put in office by the proceeds of profit. When Reagan announced that government is bad for America he was playing on the heartstrings of those Americans who listen to gripers and gossipers. Whiners always complain and seldom do anything positive to resolve issues. Reagan’s conservative policies (Rhinos by today’s conservatives) are the cause of the hardship we face today. The only difference is that stagnant wages with skyrocketing profits, joblessness, overseas tax havens, and corporate funded Fox and the Tea Party have replaced the Faustian agreement with Southern segregationists. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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Bank savers have lost $100s/K Interest in past five years

Bank savers have lost $100s/K Interest in past five years: Since The Great Republican Recession in 2008, in order to prevent the global market collapse and a return to the Great Depression, the federal government (under Bush) had to rescue Wall Street by buying America’s catastrophic private capital financial debt. Driving down the dollar, buying government bonds and buying mortgage-backed securities kept interest rates low and gave an enormous advantage to debtors (financial institutions) at the expense of those who depended on interest income from bank savings. See what you lost by plugging in your own figures into this example. The average savings account interest in 2008 was around 5%. The average bank account interest rate from 2008 to 2014 has been 1%. Every $100K in savings lost $4K interest per year, or $24K over the past six years. If you had several accounts your interest income losses due to the Great Republican Recession add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most home values are back, but no one seems to be paying the least attention to the fact that for the past six years, we constant diligent savers have been losing a heck of lot of interest income. The old saw that, “What you don’t see you don’t miss,” may be true, at least until somebody shows you what you are missing, and a hundred thousand dollars in losses every year is a heck of a reason to blame Republican ‘freshwater” Chicago school economists who declare Keynesian economics (which turned around the Depression) don’t work, that markets correct themselves, and (so what if some people get hurt) periodic crashes are necessary to clear out the trash. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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